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Meet Robotank 'Sherman'.  
Handmade from wire, copper and acrylic. He is a small posable robot toy and a futuristic watch holder with a big personality.  
SHERMAN is highly posable and can also hold items in his hands such as a strap changing, spring bar tool - which could be pretty handy if you like to change the look of your watch. Collect a different model for each of your watches and create a fun action figure display. 
The Robotoy can safely display your watch so you can admire it every day even when its not on your wrist. SHARMAN is perfect for sitting on your bedside table or a display shelf.
Robot Watch Stands are perfect for both collectors and watch owners.


SIZE - 120mm wide ×  95mm depth × 220mm tall

  • Posable, arms, fingers and magnifying glass
  • Suitable for all watches
  • Handmade from wire, copper and acrylic.

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